The Forest Mouse

And now my watch is ended…

…at Einar Granum School of Art. Thanks to all the wonderful students and teachers for two great years! When autumn comes I’ll take my stuff and move to Bergen. It’s time for a new chapter  of my life: Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

Semester assignment 2014

Installation consisting of books, cut book pages and drawings (pen and watercolour)



Soppens Fantastiske liv


My semester assignment. Finished today!

Montage with 10 pictures plus threedimentional objects illustrating different facts about the mushroom, and conveyed through the genre of fairy tales/myth/storytelling. Illustrations for children. My main goal was to experiment with different techniques and materials, looking for a visual style I like and may continue to develop.


Interested in taking a closer look? Einar Granum is open for outsiders tomorrow between 16-18.

Paper, light and shadow

IMG_7444_1 IMG_7451_1 IMG_7458

Here are a couple of pictures showing my work done during the installation course (spring 2013) at school.

My idea was to light the paper cut motif from behind so it would throw a shadow on the wall. It didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted with the shadow. I tried to make it a clear and focused. The reason it became blurry was because of the type of lamp that was used, but there was no time to find another solution. Still, afterwards I think it’s good that it turned out like this.

When I worked with the Little Red Cap installation, there was time to experiment more with lights and shadows. Still I failed! 😛 Though I tried really hard, I didn’t find a lamp that I could use the way I intenden when I developed the idea. The original idea was to throw a “Big Wolf”-shadow over the whole paper tree.

But…I did learn something about how these things work. Yay!