New beginnings

Old and New



I’m in the middle of my second week at Bergen Acadamy of Art and Design. I always enjoy starting on a new sketchbook. There lies so much potential and anticipation in the blank pages – just like starting a new education.  So I bought myself a book I really liked (mainly because of the binding). And because it looks nice, I have decided that I want to be more critical of the content that goes in. Not VERY critical though, cause that’s no fun.

Here’s a double page for drawing whimsical characters. Just for fun!


The Forest Mouse

And now my watch is ended…

…at Einar Granum School of Art. Thanks to all the wonderful students and teachers for two great years! When autumn comes I’ll take my stuff and move to Bergen. It’s time for a new chapter  of my life: Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

Semester assignment 2014

Installation consisting of books, cut book pages and drawings (pen and watercolour)



New post! About time I reckon…



Lord of the Rings book cover. Woodcut print – colours and typography in Photoshop

Coffee Time

Result from the illustration workshop this past week. Chose the watercoloured version.

The text is written for and printed in Magasinet (Dagbladet), and our teacher at the illustration course was the one who illustrated it, so he gave it to us as an assignment.  In short, it’s about coffee trends.

IPad workshop

My room at night The Cave You fucking apple National Gallery


Last week:

Ipad workshop at school. We got introduced to drawing programmes such as Brushes, Art Rage and Procreation, and also Bamboo Paper. Bamboo Paper works nice as a sketchbook, and I liked Procreation for more advanced drawing (even though I haven’t reached the advanced part).

The first picture is part of my room. We were given the task to draw/”paint” in the dark to capture light an shadow, which you can’t do in the same way when painting on a canvas(or similar), because you need light.  The second picture is a sketch for an idea I’m working on for my application to art schools.

All in all i think Ipad seems like a fine tool for an artist. When I’m rich I’ll buy one! Probably I’ll buy an Ipad before I’ll buy a smartphone.


Soppens Fantastiske liv


My semester assignment. Finished today!

Montage with 10 pictures plus threedimentional objects illustrating different facts about the mushroom, and conveyed through the genre of fairy tales/myth/storytelling. Illustrations for children. My main goal was to experiment with different techniques and materials, looking for a visual style I like and may continue to develop.


Interested in taking a closer look? Einar Granum is open for outsiders tomorrow between 16-18.

Self portrait

img030 img029copy

During the past two weeks we have been working with portrait and self portrait at school. It was a good course to start the school year, warming up eyes and hand. We had a lot of liberty to work with our own barriers in drawing. And I learned that doing something you’re not comfortable with might give interesting results. For me that was using oil pastels this time.

These two pictures were the last ones I made. There were no restrictions for this task, except that we had to use A5 size paper. I guess the style in the right drawing is both typical me and at the same time something new, and it was challenging to use the right colours in the right areas. Fun though!

By the way, there’s an exhibition with all the drawings we made during the course, this Thursday at Galleri Vekta 😉