Bergen Art Book Fair

babfenMy poster for Bergen Art Book Fair.

At the end of the typography course earlier this semester, we (my class) were given the assignment of making a poster each for Bergen Art Book Fair. We got three prints of our own posters to put up where we felt like in the city.

It was actually the first time I made a poster, and I was really frustrated and low on self-esteem during the process. In the end I thought I had to approach the task in my own way, and not think about how everybody else was doing it and what was “correct”. I thought it better to fail and learn something from it. Afterwards I’ve thought of different ways I could have solved the task, but I guess it come out as bad as I felt during the process.

Acrylic paint used to make the splatter-texture. Paper textures. Used Photoshop to do the lettering, and the text and logos in Indesign.

To be, or not to be finished

Sometimes it’s very difficult to know when something is finished, and to stop before you do too much.

I’ve been working on an illustration task for an application to a school. The task is to illustrate your room.

The plan was to have text drawn on the roots, but now I feel that I shouldn’t, because it won’t look good. Still, I want to use the text  too. I guess I’ll scan it as it is, and try apply the text digitally, to see if it works. Don’t want to ruin it.