Here are my first contributions for Sosiolognytt. This is also my first time making the front page, which you can see here:

Forside Sosiolognytt
Illustration 2 and 3 belongs to one article, and illustration 4 to another, both written by Vilde Blix Huseby. The inside of the magazine is not printed in full colour, so the pictures below will appear in a sort of red/black/white in the magazine, but here you’ll get to see how I made them 🙂

Process: First drawing with pen. Afterwards scanned and coloured in Photoshop.

My starting-point for making these illustrations were using the metaphor “toothless”, an assertion that the new generation of sociologists are lacking teeth.

Illustration 2 Tenner gone wild på Blindern

Teeths are loose at the university, but who do they belong to?

Illustration 3

These sceletons represent the three participants of the debate mentioned in the text. Each of them also represent different generations in the academic/sociological field, and the younger the generation, the less teeth you get, apparently.


Illustration 4


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